Psychiatric Medical Malpractice Causes in Minnesota: When Do I Have a Case?

Can a Victim of Psychiatric Medical Malpractice Recover Damages?  Minneapolis Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains Your Rights


A psychiatric patient deeply trusts his or her psychiatrist with his or her deepest fears, concerns, and needs.  Psychiatric patients depend on psychiatrists to properly treat their ailments, disease, and conditions in a manner that is medically competent, safe, and proper.  Unfortunately, some psychiatrists fail their patients with their reckless care and treatment, improper treatment plans, dangerous prescriptions, and an overall negligent approach to treatment.


However, many psychiatric patients may not realize that their doctor is the one that caused their injuries.  In fact, some patients may even blame themselves for the mistakes of the doctor.  But this could not be further from the truth.


Examples of Common Psychiatric Medical Malpractice in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Throughout Minnesota


Psychiatric medical malpractice is a very devastating type of medical malpractice because it can result in much more than just physical harm to a victim, but also severe emotional injury.  Some of the largest psychiatric healthcare providers in Minnesota are in St. Paul and Minneapolis, with most rendering good and accepted care.  But, unfortunately, some providers do not provide the care and treatment required by the standard of care of a psychiatrists.  This can lead to damaging errors.


Some examples of common Minneapolis psychiatric medical malpractice errors include the following:


  • Mismanagement of medications or medication errors – anti-psychotropics can be very powerful drugs, especially in higher doses.  They can become addictive and bring about both physical and emotional changes in a person.  When medications are improperly prescribed such as the wrong type, the wrong dose, or when patients are mixed up, it can result in permanent damaged to the vital structures of the body, including to the brain.
  • Failure to prevent a suicide – There is nothing sadder when a person takes his or her own life.  Many families do not realize that the fault does not lie with the victim in many instances, but actually with the psychiatrist.  This is because some medications and treatments may actually increase the risk of harm in order to try to treat another condition.  Other times the psychiatrist or healthcare provider does not follow the proper suicide prevention protocol which may likely have worked.  A psychiatrist may very well be liable for failing to prevent a suicide of an individual under his or her care and treatment.
  • Failing to follow-up after treatment or new medication – It is important, just like a surgeon who must follow-up after a surgery on a patient, for a psychiatrist to follow-up with a patient’s well-being after a treatment or new medication.  This is especially important after a new medication because there could be serious side effects, some effects being obviously physical in nature (i.e., sickness), but other side effects may be emotional and harder to detect except for the trained skill of a psychiatrist.  To not follow up may be psychiatric medical malpractice.
  • Neglect or abandonment – If a psychiatrist fails to reasonably stay in contact with and schedule treatments with a patient, it can be below the standard of care and result in serious injury to a patient.  This can also be Minneapolis medical malpractice.


Victims of Psychiatric Medical Malpractice in St. Paul or Minneapolis May Have Rights: Learn What They are Here!


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