Septic Shock After an Esophageal Perforation: Bend & Portland Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Victims of an Esophageal Perforation Suffering Septic Shock: Bend & Portland Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains Rights


Your esophagus is a vital part of your body and carries food and drink down your throat and into your stomach.  It is a very strong band of muscle which is resistant to damage, caustic drinks (acidic drinks or alcoholic drinks), or other sharp objects.  But this does not mean that your esophagus is impenetrable.  If your esophagus tears or suffers an injury, it can result in serious injury including a massive infection.  This infection could grow quite quickly and spread to other parts of the body, and even become sepsis.  An uncontrolled or extremely aggressive bout of sepsis can result in septic shock and wrongful death.  If this occurs due to an esophageal perforation, it could be Oregon medical malpractice and should be evaluated by our Bend-Portland medical malpractice lawyer.


What is an Esophageal Perforation?


An esophageal perforation is exactly what it sounds like; a perforation to the esophagus.  This means a tear, hole, abrasion, or other form of damage to the esophagus.  This allows food and drink to drain into the chest cavity.  This means that foreign objects could be next to the heart or lungs, and be very dangerous.  Infections here are devastating and quickly grow to sepsis.  


Esophageal perforations usually can be treated with just a stitch or staple, and usually resolve quickly.  Sometimes more extensive patch-work is required, but often times the injury is minor and is easily treated.  But that minor tear, if untreated, could result in the death of a patient.


What is Sepsis and Septic Shock?


When an infection becomes so prolific that it spreads to the blood, it is sepsis.  This is a blood infection that is pumping bacteria throughout the body.  Thus the infection is now being spread rapidly to every part of your body, where it will continue to grow and multiple.  This means additional and increased damage.


When the blood infection becomes so prolific, the sepsis can shut down organs and cause multiple organ failure.  When the infection is so perfused throughout your body, it can even inhibit basic functions.  Your body may start to shut down.  This is called septic shock, which is like other forms of shock caused by massive bleeding.  The body cannot function due to the amount of bacteria and infection present.  This is always life-threatening, and if it is not immediately taken care of it will almost always result in wrongful death.


Was an Esophageal Perforation the Cause of Septic Shock?  Let Us Find Out For You!


Our Portland medical malpractice lawyer can review your medical record to determine whether an esophageal perforation caused your septic shock.  If a loved one passed away, if we accept the case we can do a complete evaluation whether a healthcare provider’s mistake caused serious personal injuries to you.


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