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Post Surgery or Medical Procedure Septic Shock and Oregon Medical Malpractice


In all surgeries or medical procedures wherein a tool or other instrumentality breach the skin or enter the body, there is a risk of infection.  This risk of infection can be very small or very large depending on the type of procedure.  The infections that are caused can also be very small and easily controlled, or particularly deadly.  This is why surgical or medical procedures generally require that a patient consent to the known and accepted risks of infection.  But why an infection may be a common risk of all procedures, the misdiagnosis of the infection is not a common risk that a patient consents to.  This can amount to serious Oregon medical malpractice and should be evaluated by a Portland medical malpractice lawyer.  


This is particularly true of septic shock.  When it comes to infections post surgery or medical procedure, septic shock is one of those instances which comes at the very end of the “life-cycle” of the incident.  Meaning that, when septic shock occurs, there are many other things that happen first.  For instance, first there is an infection.  That infection must fester for a long period of time and grow to a significant proportion.  Such infection becomes more prolific and spreads to the blood.  This blood infection is known as sepsis.  This is a very dangerous condition which must be aggressively treated.  It is also very obvious with clear symptoms and signs.  If the sepsis is allowed to continue to grow, it can result in a prolific amount of bacteria in the blood which can shut down a person’s organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and brain.  When these organs fail, they fail in unison during a condition called multiple organ failure.  Not only do they fail like this, but the body can literally “freeze” or go into septic shock caused by the infection.  This is a life-threatening condition.


When is Septic Shock a Normal Risk of a Surgery or Medical Procedure?


While an infection is a common risk of all surgeries or medical procedures, do not be confused that septic shock is also a common risk.  Nor is sepsis.  These conditions are evidence that an infection was allowed to fester and grow to a point where they became dangerous.  This means that an infection was missed, misdiagnosed, undiagnosed, or otherwise ignored.  When a patient gives informed consent as to an infection risk which is very common for all procedures, a patient is not consenting to Oregon medical malpractice.  In fact, it is generally against public policy for a person or entity to require another person to waive a negligence claim.


Therefore, septic shock is simply not a normal risk of surgery.  This is the third iteration of conditions, behind the initial infection then sepsis which occurs.  When both of these conditions are missed, then septic shock could occur.  This can result in the wrongful death of a patient and is not consentable.


Did You End Up With Septic Shock After a Medical Procedure?  You Need Have Us Review Your Records


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