Signs of Delays in a 7 Month Old Baby Which Could be a Birth Injury: Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Understanding Birth Injuries: Signs of Delays in a 7 Month Old Baby Which Could be Due to Oregon Medical Malpractice


Welcoming a baby into the family is a very exciting time, especially if this is a first child.  But it is also a very worry-filled time.  Many parents, especially new parents, will question their actions and every sign or symptom that their baby has.  Minor things such as an unexpected cough or even gas discomfort could set off major alarms for a new parent.  But most of the time the issues and ailments are basic and elementary and do not warrant medical intervention.  Even so, many parents question the cognitive function of their child.  This is true for young parents, who may see their friends also having babies around the same time and sharing information on social media.  Parents may compare their baby to their friends’ babies, and worry if there are developmental delays.  Could they be present?  Could they have been caused by Oregon medical malpractice?


Initially, it is important to know that babies will develop at different rates of speed.  While there are “milestones,” there are also many exceptions to the rule.  Parents should not become obsessed with the development of their baby to the point where they believe there could be something seriously wrong if a baby misses a milestone by even a few months.  This is usually normal in human development and not a sign of Oregon medical malpractice or a birth injury.


However, at seven months there are some factors which you can use to recognize developmental delays in children.  These factors are important to know and recognize early because you can seek qualified, medical care and treatment to help.  It is also important to do this to realize that you are not the victim of a birth injury.


The following are some of the most common development delays in children at the age of 7 months which include if your baby does not:


  • Babble or try to imitate sounds;
  • Respond to sounds, or react to sounds;
  • Does not track or follow objects/motion or experiences constant tearing or eye drainage;
  • Has trouble getting objects into his or her mouth;
  • Has particularly stiff and tight, or very soft and floppy muscles;
  • Does not actively reach for objects;
  • Does not roll over in either direction;
  • Cannot sit up without help;
  • Shows no enjoyment around people;
  • Does not laugh or squeal or smile;
  • Shows no interest in games like peek-a-boo or surprising by popping out from behind something; and many other symptoms.

Are Some of These Common Development Delays Present in Your Child?  Your Family May be the Victim of Oregon Medical Malpractice


It is important to note that, if your child exhibits some or many of the development delays noted above at 7 months of age, that does not necessarily mean there will be impairments, brain damage, or other serious abnormalities.  Again, all children develop differently and there are lists and lists of famous people like writers, actors, musicians, artists, CEOs, politicians, and other prominent and well-thought after individuals who may have experienced similar delays.  The point is that these common symptoms are frequently indications that mom and dad need to speak with their doctor and determine what is the best way forward for their child’s development.


Thus, if your loved one exhibits some or even one of these delays, it is important to assess whether your child has been the victim of a birth injury due to Oregon medical malpractice.  This is important because your claim will not be available to you and your family forever, as there is a statute of limitations period which requires a lawsuit to be filed within 2 years from the discovery of the injury, and not more than 5 years after the negligent act which caused the injury.  If you are assessing your child are 7 months of age, you may have already lost almost half your statute of limitations period!


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