Spinal Surgeries Causing Catastrophic Injuries Due to Oregon Medical Malpractice

Botched Spinal Surgeries Can Result in Catastrophic Personal Injuries Due to Oregon Medical Malpractice


Spinal surgery is a very invasive, intense, and involved surgical procedure.  Mistakes during a spinal surgery can result in very serious, permanent, and rather catastrophic injuries to a patient.  This is because spinal surgery errors can cause permanent paralysis resulting in paraplegia or quadriplegia.  Botched spinal surgeries can also destroy a patient’s independence and ability to work, function, or carry out normal and customary daily activities.  Most of the time these spinal surgery errors are due to preventable mistakes or errors but still caused from the reckless, careless, and negligent mistakes of a healthcare provider.


The causes of spinal surgery errors caused by Oregon medical malpractice generally break down into two categories.  The first are surgical errors by the surgeon or surgical assistant.  The second are anesthesia errors by the anesthesiologist or anesthesia team.  Both are equally dangerous and likely to result in serious personal injury.


Surgical Errors Causing Botched Spinal Surgeries


During a surgical procedure, especially one involving structures like the spine and bones, it is more common that a surgeon causes the injury than another healthcare provider.  This is because the surgeon is responsible for the process of the surgery and the steps that occur.  This is also more likely to be true because in most spinal surgeries, such as a spinal fusion, a laminectomy, discectomy, nerve ablation, or other spinal surgeries, the surgeon is the one performing acts at or near vital structures which could be injured.


For instance, when drilling the holes for pedicle screws into the vertebra, taking a wrong angle can send the drill into the spinal cord and irreversible damage it.  Carelessly scraping an injured disc to replace can also pinch or damage nerves coming from the spinal cord, out the vertebra, and to the extremities.  When this occurs, it can result in permanent motor and sensation nerve injuries.  These causes are likely negligent due to Oregon medical malpractice.


Anesthesia Errors Resulting in Botched Spinal Surgeries


It is not only the surgeon who can cause spinal cord injuries during a back surgery.  The anesthesiologist and the anesthesia team are responsible for much more than just putting and keeping a patient asleep during a procedure.  Anesthesia teams must also ensure that the patient is adequately perfused, or hydrated or pressurized, during the surgery.  Inadequate perfusion can result in low blood pressure.  This can make structures like the spinal cord most susceptible to even just manipulation.


Low perfusion can also result in blood vessel injuries or organ damage.  This is because the lower blood pressure means lower oxygen to the patient’s organs.  This lack of oxygen can result in serious personal injuries to the brain or other organs.  This can also damage the spinal cord indirectly from a lack of pressure.  This is why an anesthesia team needs to monitor fluids out (blood or urine) during a surgery, and fluids in (IV bags or transfused blood).  There must be a balance of both, particularly in a long surgery like a back surgery.  Failing to do so can be a very clear example of anesthesia malpractice.


Patients of Failed Spinal Cord Surgeries Require Legal Representation 


When an unexplained injury occurs during a spinal cord surgery, patients need to seek legal representation.  Obvious errors like a drilling injury or knife mistake are likely the negligence of a surgeon, whereas unexplained or non-obvious causes may be due to an anesthesiologist’s error.  If you or a loved one have suffered from a doctor’s negligence, please call Kuhlman Law, LLC to learn how we can help you.


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