Spotting Signs of Medical Malpractice During Childbirth in Minnesota


Knowing When to Contact a Minnesota Birth Injury Lawyer is Important to Protect Your Rights


Unfortunately, birth injuries occur much more common than most people may believe.  According to statistics, approximately 8 out of every 1,000 infants has a birth injury, which equates to approximately 28,000 a year.  The most common types of birth injuries include brachial plexus (Erb’s palsy), fractures, hemorrhaging, spinal cord injuries, and cerebral palsy.  Of these, approximately 6 out of every 1,000 birth injuries occur in public hospitals.  Statistics also show that approximately fifty percent (50%) of all birth injuries are potentially avoidable by identification and planning.  This means a large percentage could be caused by medical malpractice, medical errors, and medical oversight.


Common Signs of Minnesota Birth Injuries to be Aware Of


As a parent or even a concerned friend, it is important to know what the signs of possible medical malpractice are—especially a birth injury.  In fact, birth injuries are a unique type of medical malpractice because the victim and witnesses are usually awake and present when the medical error occurs.  Other witnesses such as family or close friends may also be in a position to make observations which may indicate possible medical malpractice.  This is not always common in medical malpractice cases.


Therefore, some common signs of potential birth injuries for which you should contact a medical malpractice attorney include the following:


  • Labor is prolonged much longer than your doctors originally told you or any parentings classes, books, or other research you performed has estimated. The longer the labor, the more stress on the mother and baby;


  • Activity in the room suddenly becomes frantic for no apparent reason – if everything is quiet and proceeding normally, and then all of a sudden some medical professionals start to move frantically without announcing anything or any obvious things occurring (i.e. baby is coming out or strong contractions), it may be a sign that something is going wrong;


  • A c-section is ordered immediately and everyone is kicked out of the room – generally if a c-section is needed, medical staff will advise the mother and father of this upcoming procedure. Even if something is going slightly unplanned and a cesarean is necessary, medical staff will still advise you of it.  But if all of a sudden a c-section is planned and everyone is kicked out out the room, be weary;


  • Newborn is taken away, requires special treatment, or has to go to the NICU – if your infant needs special medical treatment, this is a sign that something is wrong or that the infant has sustained serious personal injuries. Anytime a full-term baby has to go to the NICU, you should ask a lot of questions;


  • Hospital staff is ignoring you or not answering questions – if you are asking questions or looking for assistance and your healthcare providers are ignoring you, you should be concerned. Providers should answer your questions and if they are actively avoiding you or ignoring you, something is wrong; and


  • Many other suspicious things that you are unsure of, uncomfortable with, or hesitant to accept.


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