Top Misdiagnosed Cancers Caused by Oregon Medical Malpractice

The Most Commonly Misdiagnosed Cancers Due to Oregon Medical Malpractice and the Catastrophic Injuries They Cause


We all know that cancer is a very serious health condition.  It must be dealt with aggressively and in a timely fashion.  The longer that cancer is allowed to fester and grow in the body, the harder it will be to cure.  Luckily, given the advancements in research and technology, most cancers that are caught early can be treated and put into remission.  This is way there are so many cancer survivors in the United States, a number that is continuing to grow.  But this also means that medical errors in misdiagnosing cancer are even most costly.  Indeed, Oregon medical malpractice which fails to test for, detect, diagnose, and treat a cancer could be due to the negligence of a medical provider and cost a patient his or her life.


There is an incredible number of different possible cancers that a person could be diagnosed to.  Fortunately, medical providers are trained to identify and treat them all.  Particularly some of the large cancer treatment centers right in Bend, Oregon, and throughout the State.  But there are some cancers which are commonly misdiagnosed.  Patients need to be aware of these cancers and know the signs, symptoms, and complications to help protect themselves from a misdiagnosis. Failing to do so could lead to catastrophic injuries, including permanent nerve damage, maiming, permanent disability, and wrongful death.


Some of the most commonly diagnosed cancers include the following:


Breast Cancer – Breast cancer may be one of the most treatable types of cancer if caught early, but on the other side be one of the most deadly types of cancers if not caught in time.  It is incredibly common for cancerous lumps to be misdiagnosed as non-cancerous cysts, inflammation, or fibrocystic breast disease.  Some lumps may also be small and missed by a fast moving physician rushing through patients.  Unfortunately, when cancerous breast tumors are allowed to grow, they become uncontrollable and lead to catastrophic injuries.


Colorectal Cancer – This is another very treatable form of cancer which sometimes can be remedied during a colonoscopy by just scraping away polyps.  Sometimes this type of cancer is misdiagnosed for other conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease or ulcerative colitis, and even hemorrhoids.  When this cancer is misdiagnosed, even if it is caught early enough to save the patient’s life, the patient’s quality of life may be significantly diminished and there may be the loss of part of the patient’s intestines.


Lung Cancer – The symptoms of lung cancer are most obvious: persistent coughing, wheezing, gagging, shortness of breath, and fluid buildup in the lungs.  A patient may feel as if he or she is constantly sick of with pneumonia.  This should trigger a healthcare provider to run a diagnostic test to check for dangerous conditions, including pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, tuberculosis, and cancer.  When these big four conditions are not screened for, or when a doctor misdiagnoses the condition, it can quickly allow the lung cancer to spread throughout the body—usually the brain where it becomes irreversible.


Prostate Cancer – Prostate cancer has one of the highest survival rates, if caught early and treated with either radioactive impacts (“seeds”) or through surgical intervention and the removal of the prostate.  Unfortunately, many doctors will either miss the signs of prostate cancer or fail to properly diagnose the patient altogether.  When this happens the cancer can begin to spread and become very difficult to treat.


Victims Suffering from Catastrophic Injuries Due to a Cancer Misdiagnosis in Oregon Should call Kuhlman Law, LLC


Cancer must be treated quickly and properly—you do not need to be a doctor to know that.  When healthcare providers fail to properly do this, it can result in horrific and catastrophic injuries including wrongful death.  If you or a loved one have suffered from a doctor’s negligence in diagnosing cancer, please call Kuhlman Law, LLC to learn how we can help you.


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