Types of Oregon Nursing Home Neglect That Could Be Actionable

Common Types of Oregon Nursing Home Neglect: Bend Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawyer Shares Information 


Even though nursing homes are very expensive and under intense scrutiny from state agencies, including heavy regulations, many nursing homes fail to provide all of the care and treatment they promise.  These failures could be due to the shear number of patients and lack of staff, which is likely a regulatory violation.  Other times these failures could be due to the fact that, at a given time, there was an abnormal amount of incident and issues requiring intervention.  But unfortunately, many times these failures are due to the fact that nursing homes willingly or intentionally fail to properly care for our loved ones.  These can be Oregon nursing home neglect which should be investigated by our Bend nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer.


What is Nursing Home Neglect?


Nursing home neglect is a type of abuse or nursing home malpractice which occurs.  This is when a patient or resident of the nursing home, rehabilitation center, adult living facility, assisted living facility, or other type of care center fails to afford a patient or resident the care and treatment they need.  A patient’s general hygiene and well-being could be neglected, medical needs, medication needs, or just completely left alone.  


Despite sounding inadvertent, neglect can be due to oversight or intentional.  For instance, a healthcare provider who forgets to check on a non-ambulatory dementia patient has inadvertently but still neglected the patient’s needs.  But if the healthcare provider does not check on the patient because he or she does not like the patient or the patient did something rude or annoying last time, this neglect is now intentional.  In either situation, the neglect may rise to the level of Oregon medical malpractice or Oregon nursing home malpractice.  These types could be actionable and allow a victim to recover compensation.


Types of Nursing Home Neglect


There are several different types of Bend, Oregon nursing home neglect which could be due to negligence.  These types include the following:


  • Failing to administer medication to a patient;
  • Not bathing or performing hygienic tasks on a patient (brushing teeth, washing face, hair, etc.);
  • No bring the patient to mealtime;
  • Irregularly changing a patient’s clothing;
  • Failing to change wounds or check known injuries;
  • Not rotating or moving a bed-ridden patient to prevent pressure sores;
  • Not listening to the complaints of pain or discomfort of a patient;
  • Ignoring the requests or concerns of family members;
  • Failing to put in place fall presentation protocol;
  • Neglecting to check on the patient intermittently throughout the day;
  • Improperly cleaning a patient’s living space, including failing to do so in areas like the kitchen or bathroom where disease or bacteria can be spread;
  • Not cleaning the patient’s bed or changing the sheets;
  • Dressing a patient in dirty clothing; and
  • Many other types.


Did Your Loved One Have Any of the Neglects Noted Above Happen to Him or Her?  There May be Oregon Nursing Home Neglect


Our Portland nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer knows how difficult these types of cases are when your loved one has been subjected to abuses which result in significant injury, whether physical or emotional injury.  Here at Kuhlman Law, LLC, we work with victims and their families to help determine what happened and how to obtain compensation for these injuries.  


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