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Choreoathetoid Cerebral Palsy: Bend & Portland Medical Malpractice Lawyer Shares Important Information for Parents


One of the most debilitating, permanent, and difficult disorders that a baby could be diagnosed with is cerebral palsy.  This is a group of disorders which form one condition that abnormally effects voluntary function of muscles.  The root of the cause is abnormal development or damage to parts of the developing brain that affect certain functions like balance, posture, muscle tone, movement, and other similar coordination or movements.  While sometimes this can be caused by genetics or unavoidable consequences at birth, other times it may be due to medical errors which should be evaluated by a Portland medical malpractice lawyer.


There are many different types of cerebra palsy.  One common type is choreoathetoid cerebral palsy.  This type affects voluntary movements and controlled, coordinated movements.  It is a combination of two disorders with the cerebral palsy.  Broken down, “chorea” means uncoordinated, abrupt, random, and irregular movements.  And “athetosis” means involuntary movements that are repetitive, rhythmic, or squirming.  Individuals may also get chorea or athetosis alone, together, together with cerebral palsy, or one or the other with another disorder and cerebral palsy.  These are just certain conditions.


Characterization of Choreoathetoid Cerebral Palsy


There are certain symptoms that are classic characterizations of choreoathetoid cerebral palsy.  These conditions can be in combination or other symptoms not normally associated with choreoathetoid cerebral palsy, but these are the most common to know about:


Seizures – These can be seizures such as the classic jittering, trembling, jerking, or shaking which is uncontrolled but does not result in a complete loss of control to a person’s motor movements.  Or these can be seizures which are completely involuntary which paralyze a person entirely.


Developmental delays – These are delays in speech, cognitive, gross or fine motor delays, or other common developmental delays.  Children will need special education assistance and plans to help them develop and function more appropriately.  Occupational or physical therapy will likely be important as well.


Vision Problems – In addition to lazy or cross eye, vision may be disrupted, weakened, impaired, or otherwise need surgical intervention to correct it.


Muscle Issues – Given the constant trembling or involuntary movements, muscle definition or tightness may be extreme.  But on the contrary, muscles may also be uncoordinated resulting in clumsy accidents or fumbling around.


Gastrointestinal Issues – Digestion and food consumption may be a serous issue and also make it more difficult for individuals to consume the appropriate amount of calories to account for their constant and involuntary movements which will use a lot of engird expenditure. 


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