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Oregon Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Shares Warning Signs of Physical Nursing Home Abuse


Although we trust our loved one’s in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, adult living facilities, assisted living facilities, and other related facilities, sometimes those businesses and the people that work there take advantage of our trust.  According to national research approximately 10% of senior citizens will become the victim of elder abuse, and that number is slightly higher in Oregon at approximately 13.5%.


Elder abuse can take many forms.  This includes sexual abuse, psychological abuse, financial exploitation, neglect, and most commonly physical abuse.  All of these forms of abuse and neglect are devastating on any individual, particularly an elderly individual who may be unable to resist, fight back, or even report the abuse.  This commonly are “silent victims” which is why some criminal people take advantage of their power and cause this abuse.  Today’s article will focus on physical abuse.


Physical Abuse: Warning Signs to Know to Protect Your Loved One


Physical abuse involves the striking, hitting, twisting, pinching, or otherwise direct or indirect physical contact with the resident that is unwanted and not a part of routine assistance.  Essentially, physical abuse is an assault under the criminal law, and an assault and battery under tort law.


There are many different kinds of physical abuse.  Here are some common warnings signs to know:


Spiral fractures to the arms – A spiral fracture is exactly what it sounds like.  This is when the bone breaks in an up and down spiral pattern like a corkscrew.  The cause of a spiral fracture is when the bone is being fixed in one position but pulled in another, which causes the exerted pressure to break in that spiral pattern.  It commonly occur when a person gets their foot caught in a hole and falls forward or to the side because the rest of the body kept going.  However, in the arms a spiral fracture common happens when the arm is being pulled.  This could be when the resident does not want to go somewhere and is being pulled by the arm somewhere by a caretaker.  This would result in a spiral fracture and should always be investigated.


“Sock Burns” – A “sock burn” is a type of burn to an extremity, usually a foot or hand, which causes a burn from the distal point (further point away from the body, such as the tips of the fingers or the tips of the toes) to the most proximal point the burn goes to (a point closer to the body, such as the ankle or wrist).  The burn is continuous that whole point from the distal point to the end, and it is usually bright red or blistering.  It resembles a glove or sock, hence the name.  A sock burn is always a suspicious burn because it generally means physical abuse or nursing home malpractice. The abuse could be a caretaker shoving a resident’s hand or foot in hot water, or it could be the caretaker making a bath too hot and not checking because putting the person inside of it.  In either situation, a sock burn must always be investigated.


Belt or Hard Object Strikes – Strikes with an object other than the hand are devastating to anyone, especially an elder victim.  A belt strike will leave one, continuous band of redness or burning on the body.  Whenever a belt strike is observed it should be immediately investigated.  A hard object strike such as a ruler will look very different.  It will form a red outline of a “box” on the body.  This could appear to look like banging into something or falling onto something, unless the “box” is very clear than it could be a strike injury.  Whenever a belt or box injury is apparent, questions need to be assessed.  If a caretaker claims a victim fell down on the stairs but the victim has a belt injury (or solid red mark), the caretaker is likely lying and an investigation needs to be commenced.


Burn Marks, Unexplained Cuts or Bruises – Unfortunately injuries such as burns, cuts, bruises, and breaking of the skin do occur from nursing home abuse.  This abuse can be tortious at times and even quick jabs, pinches, or pulls of flesh can result in serious, painful, and possibly prone to infection injuries.  Burns such as from cigarette lighters are also possible and unfortunately common.  Any time a resident has unexplained injuries they should be evaluated immediately.


Victims of Physical Elder Abuse in Oregon Should Call Kuhlman Law, LLC


If a loved one is exhibiting any of the following symptoms of nursing home physical abuse, or if your loved one has questionable injuries which is being blamed on him or her by the facility but he or she is not admitting it, you should call our Bend nursing home abuse lawyer to learn your rights.


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