Why Doctors Fail Diagnose a Heart Attack: Fatal Minnesota Medical Malpractice

Reasons Why Doctors Fail to Diagnose Heart Attacks in Minnesota: Fatal Minnesota Medical Malpractice Cases


Failing to diagnose a heart attack or misdiagnosing a heart attack is a very serious type of Minnesota medical malpractice because it is likely to lead to permanent injury or wrongful death.  In fact, failing to diagnose a heart attack is also likely to lead to an agonizing wrongful death.  However, if properly identified and evaluated by a healthcare provider, a patient who is suffering a heart attack can survive and return to a normal life.


But when some patients come into an emergency department or emergency room complaining of the classic symptoms of a heart attack, sometimes healthcare providers do not make the diagnosis.  There are many reasons for this, most of them due to the reckless, careless, or negligence acts of the healthcare provider.  The common reasons for a heart attack misdiagnosis include the following:


Understaffed Emergency Departments – When a hospital’s emergency department is understaff or overrun with patients, the amount of time that a healthcare provider gets to work on a single patient decreases.  This means there is less time to evaluate the patient’s symptoms and complaints and requires a quicker decision.  Because of this, a patient who is presenting with signs of a heart attack may be reviewed too quickly and discharged with something else like heartburn or gastric upset.


Inexperienced Medical Staff – While some symptoms of a heart attack may be obvious, other symptoms may not.  This is particularly true in female or young patients, where the symptoms of a heart attack are different than most adult males.  If staff is inexperienced in evaluating and treating heart attacks, it can lead to a misdiagnosis which results in permanent injuries or death.


Misinterpreting Tests – Patients who may be having a heart attack will have certain tests performed on them.  The most common and known test is an EGK.  If a healthcare provider fails to properly read the EKG, it can result in a misdiagnosis.  For instance, if the EGK reveals the patient is having a heart attack but the provider misreads it to be normal, then the patient is discharged to home, it can be very serious medical malpractice.


Delays in Treatment – Triage nurses need to determine the level of treatment that a patient needs when they arrive at the emergency department.  Patients who are in immediate jeopardy of being irreparably injured or in jeopardy of losing life or limb need to be triaged high.  If a patient having a heart attack is mis-triaged and made to sit in the emergency room, he or she could succumb to the heart attack while waiting.


When Doctors Fail to Diagnose a Heart Attack, it Could be Minneapolis Medical Malpractice


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