Why Septic Shock After a Colonoscopy Could be Oregon Medical Malpractice

Septic Shock After a Colonoscopy: Not a Normal Consequence and Likely Oregon Medical Malpractice


Colonoscopies are one of the most common procedures performed in the United States.  They are also one of the most important preventative procedures that a person undergoes.  Many cancers and serious health ailments can be detected early enough to completely treat and get rid of the condition.  This part of preventive medicine is crucial to help protect a patient’s health and wellness.  While colonoscopies are generally considered safe, or even very safe, they can have some risk of post procedure infection.  Patients may be told that these infections are common risks of a colonoscopy, but that is not always necessarily true.  Sometimes they can be caused by Oregon medical malpractice.


For instance, infections caused by a bowel perforation may be due to Oregon medical malpractice.  The malpractice is two-fold, causing the perforation and failing to diagnose or treat it.  This is because a perforation, while a known risk of a colonoscopy, is not necessarily an acceptable risk.  This is also not as common as your doctor wants you to believe, and the risk is dangerous in that victims can be seriously injured or wrongfully killed by a perforation.


The failure to diagnose the perforation is just as dangerous as causing the perforation.  This is because a perforation will likely cause a leak of fluid or materials into the abdominal cavity.  This cavity is perfect for the growth of bacteria because it is warm, moist, and without mechanisms to attack and kill the bacteria (like UV light or a direct avenue for white blood cells to attack the infection).  This allows the bacteria to grow very quickly and become prolific.  At some point the infection will become sepsis, which is a blood infection.  This is incredibly dangerous because the infection and bacteria will spread throughout the body as the blood is pumped throughout the body.  This can cause multiple organs to fail, and result in the body going into septic shock which is often fatal.


Septic shock is not an accepted or normal risk of a colonoscopy.


While all procedures have some risk of injury or infection, even just a booster shot, septic shock is never an accepted risk.  This means that an infection was ignored or allowed to fester to the point where it has spread throughout the entire body.  It means that the infection could have been easily detected through a blood test.  Many of the symptoms would be completely obvious such as high fever, sweating, aches, and generally not feeling well like any other type of sickness.  But sepsis is magnified, and septic shock is when the infection has become so prolific that the body literally just shuts down.  This is not acceptable in a colonoscopy.


Post Colonoscopy Septic Shock is Deadly: Victims Should Call Kuhlman Law, LLC


When a patient has gone into septic shock after a colonoscopy, even days or weeks after a colonoscopy, it may be due to Oregon medical malpractice.  Please call our Central Oregon medical malpractice lawyer at Kuhlman Law, LLC to learn what your rights to compensation may be and how we can protect them.  


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