Wrongful Death Caused by an Esophageal Perforation: Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Oregon Wrongful Death Caused by an Esophageal Perforation: Oregon Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains


Most people have not heard of an esophageal perforation, but it is a life-threatening condition which can quickly cause the wrongful death of a patient if it is not quickly surgically repaired.  In fact, according to medical research the high estimate is that 34% of esophageal perforations result in the death of a patient.  The most common way that an esophageal perforation is caused is due to medical malpractice.  This is usually during a endoscopy, wherein a long, flexible scope is inserted down your through to look at your airway, esophagus, or stomach.  However, too much force or abrasion can result in the esophagus being cut, punctured, or damaged.  If a healthcare provider fails to treat the injury, it can be Oregon medical malpractice and result in a wrongful death.  


Thus, the medical malpractice is two-fold, as it lies in causing the injury and failing to identify and treat the injury.  The wrongful death may also be caused by both this act of causing the injury, and the omission in failing to diagnose and treat the injury.


Symptoms of an Esophageal Perforation


There are several symptoms of an esophageal perforation.  The most obvious and common symptom is pain in the area where the esophagus has been damaged.  This is a clear indication of trauma to the esophagus.  The other symptoms which should give clear indication that there is a medical emergency include the following:


  • Increased and rapid heart rate;
  • Low blood pressure;
  • Fever;
  • Chills;
  • Vomiting, including with blood;
  • Stiffness in the neck; 
  • Difficulty swallowing;
  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Coughing up blood;
  • Headaches; and
  • Many other symptoms.


How an Esophageal Perforation Could Cause a Central Oregon Wrongful Death


The main manner on how an esophageal perforation causes a wrongful death is due to infection.  This is because a perforation in your esophagus will allow fluids and food to leak into the top of your chest cavity.  The foreign bodies that are released into your chest cavity are in the perfect warm and moist environment to grow bacteria.  When this bacteria is cultivated near an esophageal perforation, the infection will be right along the patient’s lungs and heart.  This is clearly a very dangerous location for an infection and it will quickly lead to very serious medical complications if the infection is not diagnosed.


If the infection was not deadly, it will likely turn to sepsis which will be.  Sepsis is when an infection has grown so prolifically that it becomes a blood infection.  This infection spreads throughout the body and can result in septic shock.  This is an incredibly painful and damaging condition.  Victims who have reached the stage of septic shock are at risk for losing limbs due to gangrenous infection and their lives.


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