Wrongful Death from Bariatric Surgery Infection: Oregon Medical Malpractice

Infections After Bariatric Surgery Could Result in Wrongful Death: Portland Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains


Even though bariatric surgery is generally considered to be a safe procedure, it can result in very serious and even deadly personal injuries due to Oregon medical malpractice.  This is because mishaps, careless errors, and reckless conduct during a bariatric surgery could result in devastating injury.  Negligent aftercare can also result in life-threatening infections which may lead to sepsis, and could lead to the wrongful death of a patient.  When this happens, a family should consult with a Portland medical malpractice lawyer to learn what their rights to compensation may be.


What is Bariatric Surgery?


Bariatric surgery is the general type of weight-loss surgery.  While it is generally safe, and for most people it can have life-changing benefits, it is still an involved surgery meaning there are a lot of manipulations to the body that occur.  It is more complicated than most other surgeries, and focuses on a central part of the body—the stomach and more broadly the chest and abdomen region.


There are different ways to perform a bariatric surgery.  There are generally two types.  One is cutting and reshaping the stomach or intestines.  This creates a newer, and usually smaller, pouch for food.  It can also limit the exposed area which can absorb nutrients and the food.  The second type of surgery is using bands or balloons to take up space in the stomach or to force a smaller area for food to be deposited.  


Infections Caused by Bariatric Surgery Due to Oregon Medical Malpractice


Anytime there is an incision during a procedure, there is the opportunity for an infection.  This is particularly true during bariatric surgeries which are working on the abdomen and chest. It is particularly true for bariatric surgeries which involve the cutting or reshaping of the stomach or intestines.  This is because these organs are opened up and it can expose the internal cavity to bacteria or foreign substances.  It can also mean that the incisions and reshaping could result in the incisions not being completely healed or re-sealed.  This means that a leak of food or water, or of stomach or intestinal biles could leak into the abdominal or chest cavity.  This is a prime area for an infection to occur because it is a warm and moist area, as well as an area where it may not be easy to detect until it is a very significant infection.

Wrongful Death From an Infection After a Bariatric Surgery


While a wrongful death after a bariatric surgery is rare, it is still possible.  This is particularly when an infection goes unnoticed and is allowed to fester inside the chest cavity.  An infection which becomes pervasive and very powerful could become sepsis.  This is when an infection is so strong that it goes into a person’s blood, and causes a blood infection that spreads to the entire body.  This is a life-threatening condition which could easily result in a wrongful death, especially after bariatric surgery when a patient is in a weakened state following this extensive procedure.


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